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Which exit strategy to pursue:
Corporate buyer, private equity buyer, individual buyer or current associate.

Services include, tax minimization consultations with leading veterinary specific expert in relation to capital gains.



It is important to plan carefully when considering the life-changing decision to sell a veterinary practice. The first step includes planning an Exit Strategy. After careful analysis, we may find that now isn't the best time to sell your vet practice. However, our services will increase the future market value of your practice. If the time is right, Practice Sales Advisors, will consult with you on the most advantageous way to offer maximum marketing exposure. Prospective buyers are carefully screened and sign a disclosure agreement prior to receiving any information about your practice. As business consultants, we understand that finding the right buyer for your practice requires a delicate balance of match-making and viability. PSA agents are designated in negotiation and are experts at handling both sides of the transaction. PSA is one of the few National Brokerages who co-broker with other firms allowing your listing maximum exposure.


This daunting process of selling your veterinary clinic or hospital may feel impossible at times, but that is why it's important to hire an expert when selling to a limited market. We will ensure a smooth transition, understanding that, as a veterinarian, you still have to work full-time. PSA has no upfront listing fees, and you only pay a commission when your practice is sold. PSA pays all marketing expenses. Rebecca Robinson's proven track record of honesty and integrity and history of truly caring about her clients' best interests will ensure a smooth transaction, enabling you to move on to the next chapter of your life.





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Practice Sales Advisors' greatest wish is to see you achieve your goal of buying or selling a veterinary practice. It is our privilege to be a part of one of the biggest decisions of your life. We will guide you, advise you and celebrate with you.


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